Filtered Water and Tap Water: Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

Water is one of the essential elements in the lives of humans, and you can definitely not do away with it because even if you can survive days or weeks even without eating, you can only survive for a couple of days without drinking. That aside, it is important to note that a drinking water must be free from bad bacteria that can harm you and your family's health, that is to say, that you should be careful in choosing where to get your drinking water from. In some cases, people get contaminated and suffer from ameba, dehydration, LBM, and other illnesses if they consume dirty water not fit for drinking. Although most places in America have safe tap water, there are certainly other places in other countries and continents in the world where drinking tap water is not the best choice. There are also people who should not drink from the faucet and they have various choices and one of them is to drink filtered water; these people are normally the ones who have been diagnosed with HIV, cancer, or if they are pregnant or if they have a very delicate condition. Read further as there is much to learn!  

You who may not belong in the categories mentioned above may nonetheless drink filtered water if it is your preference. There are actually people who do not find the taste of tap water likable so they turn to filtered water. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to this, and one of the disadvantages is that there are minerals such as fluoride that are present in tap water but absent in filtered water, however, the advantage is that you will be assured that what you are drinking is safe, most of the time, and supposedly, that is.

There are bottled waters that are, in fact, tap water, because some food companies do not filter their water and just put it in a bottle and sell it. It means that if you happen to buy from any of these companies, you have actually been paying for what you already have at home. In order to avoid this, check first the bottle and see if the company has included the manner of filtering because if not, it means that it's tap water. Pentek and Everpure water filters would be your best choice if you want filtered water. These companies have already proven themselves in the industry and have been operating for decades, and of course, have gathered the confidence and trust of the people. To learn more and get started, go here!

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